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I don't know your school, but you made me feel connected to it! Very well done.
I liked it, when the school got out of controle -even to an absurd- STEP BY STEP! Mostly when I see this kind of flash everythings normal and than suddenly without any warning is changing to pure confusion.
Also the music come nicely around with your animation. Great!
You just got 8 point because of partly bad quality of the pictures.

Oki doki, that's it for now.

Glunnator responds:

If I had left the quality too high, the file size would've been too enormous for the flash to be worth the wait (this comment aimed at impatient people. Those who would've been patient: I am sorry, I had to cut a balance :))
Thanks for the review!


Poor copy of "this is sparta!" What a shame^^

Nice work^^

Keep it up!

I liked the jokes^^ Reminded me of my childhood, when this kind of jokes really made peaple laugh^^

Animation was all in all well done^^

Kreid responds:

Thanks :)
And I'm glad people like them now that I've made my Flash jokes simpler :D

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Nice work!

I get the feeling of your song. It's relaxing... If this is how your town is like: Calm, everything runs at it's own speed and isn't hurying in any way. Great!!!

Though, I'd really like to hear a little relaxing solo instead of those "love spirals downwards"-guitars at about 2:30 which later melts together with the themes you work before.
Unfortunately I don't know Eagle River so I can't tell if the crashes which come after the guitars at about 2:55 really fit, but considering the rest of the song it creates a quite strong tension which dissolves the atmosphere you built up earlier.
All in all 9/10 - 4/5

Great work! I really enjoy listening to it.

contraflow responds:

you are the type of person that motivates me to make more music, thank you

I see...

You like Phillip Glass a lot, don't cha?!^^

I like the way you combine different complex and unusual rythms in this song. Plus you did right with the delay. Most people tend to use way too much feedback on piano and everything starts to mess up. You have a clear defined the difference between wet and dry sound. The reverb also works very well on this piece of art.
At least I wanna say that I like the fact you used a very hard sound of piano since the title of your work is Broken glass.

Slaytesics responds:

Thanks, it is nice to see someone knows who Philip Glass is.

Composition vs. Mastering

Nice one^^

I see it can hepl you sleep.

But watching the song from the mastering, you put the sustain too long and in some moments the flow is heavily interrupted, when this loud sustaining guitar sound stops all in a sudden.

The composition is great. A song to listen to. It does not push into your ear, it flys by. The melody is constant and alows your mind to relax. Fine work buddy^^

cavenrm0608 responds:

Thanks for the review, I know what you mean though with the sustain pedal. It is something that I've been trying to work on. (still kinda new to making music and all that fun stuff).

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